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Mid Term Rental

Mid-Term Rental

When you need to lease a business vehicle for more than just a few weeks that’s when Arval Mid-Term Rental comes in handy. Lease a vehicle for anywhere between one month and two years. Simple, effective and flexible.  It’ll then be delivered to the driver within 48 hours. It’s that easy. 


All services included in the price:

  • Customer care - International support at all times, call centrum DRIVER DESK
  • Electronic vignette - All vehicles have an electronic vignette for motorways (SK)
  • Arval assistance - Service guarantees you a comprehensive service assistance in the SR and abroad 24/7
  • Service, maintenance and repair - Your vehicle constantly in perfect condition
  • Tires - Ensuring comprehensive tire replacement
  • Insurance
  • Unlimited use - The vehicle can be used with multiple drivers


Benefits MTR:

  • new cars
  • Possibility to return the vehicle at any time
  • The vehicle is available within 48 hours of signing the contract
  • 5 vehicle classes


Suitable for all business needs:

  • Employee in the trial period
  • Employee for a speci_ed period
  • Work abroad
  • Seasonal _uctuations
  • Employee on projects
  • Pool car to the company
  • Overcome delivery time 

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