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Why lease with Arval?

Outsourcing international fleet management to One Arval

Outsourcing your company's vehicle fleet is an excellent way to save time and money - and Arval can make it happen with its unique One Arval approach: identical treatment and same services in all 25 Arval countries.

Here at Arval, we find the car policy that suits you best. We manage your vehicles and drivers, and give you up-to-the-minute data from your international fleet. Unlike other vehicle management companies, we spare you the unexpected costs.  We check in with you and your drivers regularly. Any expression of dissatisfaction is viewed as a complaint. All of us here at Arval stand by our company’s motto: We care about cars. We care about you both on local and international levels.

We Advise

We advise you on a company car policy that matches your organization’s needs.


We Manage

Zamestnanci spravujúci vozový park

We manage your cars and drivers


We report

Tablet s údajmi o vozovom parku

We provide you with all relevant fleet data to make your decision-making process easy


We commit

Lease with Arval

We are committed to delivering on our promises.


Arval brings a personal touch to car leasing

We focus on you and your drivers and get to know you. Many people think of car leasing as a B2B service. Arval sees it as person-to-person: it’s what we mean by “leasing with a personal touch".

IBO: one single set of practices in 25 countries

The IBO is our International Business Office. This is Arval’s solution tailored to your specific needs. We propose harmonised products and services in all the countries in which you operate, an international approach to cost control and total commitment to meeting challenging social and environmental goals.

We make fleet management across national frontiers simple. We operate in 25 countries, so you can rely on Arval wherever your fleet is based. You can put a single operating system in place for your fleet managers and drivers: they will all deal with the same international solution. Our online platform Arval Analytics will provide you with a single consolidated set of data on your fleet’s performance.

You will have an International Business Manager, who regularly reviews all strategic and tactical issues relating to your fleet with you. He or she helps you define your Company Car Policy and improve the total cost of ownership/total cost of mobility.


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15 successful years in international fleet management

100 international clients put their trust in us

150,000 vehicles have been financed under international agreements

14 additional countries with partnerships


A single contact who knows your company well

The International Business Manager will be responsible for coordinating the work of the local Account Managers. For you as fleet manager and for your drivers, they will be your single point of contact in all day-to-day aspects of managing your fleet. Whatever the issue – perhaps negotiating the best local deals for you or managing the servicing and repairs of your vehicles – you will be able to rely on a professional dedicated to your company, who will forge a close working relationship with your people.

Not only do Account Managers liaise with your local fleet managers, they will also be aware of each driver’s individual experience. The Arval Account Managers are able to find the right solution for each question in line with the Master Agreement, the Service Level Agreement and your Company Car Policy; three agreements concluded with you.

The account team keeps your fleet running smoothly

An Account Team, led by the Account Manager, ensures that you are always at the heart of our activities. The Account Manager, central to the team’s organisation, is your single point of contact. He or she works with an Account Team, made up of operational experts who arrange purchase and delivery of the cars, book repairs and much more.

We have currently 104 account teams operating worldwide. Thus we are closer to our clients than other players in the market. This is because our unique structure allows us to leverage all the advantages we have from the strength of our global network, while at the same time benefiting from the proximity of these 104 small entrepreneurial offices to our clients, ensuring that our relations never lose that personal touch.


Arval Analytics: a tool to make the right business decisions at an international level

Giving you the tools to make the right business decisions so you’re always ahead of the competition. Arval Analytics will make you smarter, faster and more efficient. Making sure that your business is the business it’s meant to be.

At Arval we know that having access to timely, accurate information about your fleet is important. That’s why we’ve created Arval Analytics. We provide you with 24/7 information about your fleet. As we operate with 2 million vehicles registered worldwide we can provide you with a service that is truly international.

We consolidate fleet data from 25 countries (and from 14 partnership countries) so you can easily see your whole fleet at a glance. Our software allows you to monitor your fleet in a number of ways. We provide you with clear graphs, charts and tables summarising your fleet details so that you can easily find out any information you need. From your fleet expenditure, your fleet kilometres and fuel usage, to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets such as carbon footprint, you will find every Key Performance Indicator displayed in a user-friendly way.

We also offer a simulator that allows you to map out how certain variable changes will effect your business (e.g. the vehicle you are using). Not only can we help you save in costs, we can also help you save the thing you have least of: time.

With our service you will monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your fleet, from your desk, including:

o Vehicle distribution per car brand
o Fleet activity and performance
o Financial overview
o Driver satisfaction and performance
o Fuel usage, fuel costs and insurance
o Duration of journeys, kilometres covered
o Track CO2 trends over the last three years
o Monitor market trends as well as benchmarks between countries
o Review Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Fleet manager with tablet

Benchmark Module

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Infographics  - The benchmark module
Infographics  - The market trends module

Market Trends Module

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Connecting you with your fleet

At Arval we understand that for your business to compete at an international level you need easy access to your KPIs at all times. That’s why we’ve created our Arval Smart Experience, which channels all of the information from your fleet into one secure app or computer program.

Arval Smart Experience ensures that you and your drivers will always have everything you need at a touch of a button.


Connecting you with your world


Arval Connect lets you keep track of your fleet at a glance. Optimised for tablet, laptop and desktops it allows you to access everything you need to know in one intuitive portal. It provides you with an inbox with all your messages from Arval, as well as an archive of documents, including invoices, fines and everything else you might need. And what’s more it allows you to search by driver or license plate.

With Arval Connect you will:

  • Keep in touch directly with account managers
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news
  • Find all your main KPIs displayed at a glance in an intuitive way.
  • Access video reviews of fleet vehicles
  • Access maps of available services and maintenance sites

Your entire fleet in a click


Arval Fleet View lets you keep track of information on your entire fleet. With data from all individual drivers on the road, you can easily adjust fleet-wide strategies.

With Arval Fleet View you can monitor:

  • Strategic fleet KPIs
    • Fleet activity and performance
    • Financial overview
    • Driver satisfaction and performance
    • Fuel usage, fuel costs and insurance
    • Duration of journeys, mileage covered
    • CO2 usage
  • View Running Costs
  • See which drivers are performing well and which aren’t

The world in your drivers’ hands


Arval Mobile+ connects your drivers with the data they need to ensure their operations are always effective.

With Arval Mobile+ your drivers can:

  • Access their documents at all times, from car registration certificates to driving licenses
  • Connect to Arval’s service suppliers network
  • Manage their car maintenance in an easy and simple way
  • Check on their driving performance
  • Find all contract details

How do your drivers perform?


This app will improve your fleet’s driving performance, one driver at a time. Measuring speed, acceleration, and ­­breaking on your driver’s phone, the app highlights areas for improvement. We know driver performance is important to you, so we have made it a priority.

With Arval Drive Challenge your drivers can:

  • Measure their performance on every journey
  • Unlock rewards
  • Link directly to social media platforms to share their progress
  • Improve their awareness of their driving performance
  • Check their position in leader boards

Arval Drive Challenge is a serious but fun game that helps score your drivers’ performance and also gives them a chance to win a range of prizes. The app will give the drivers a pass or fail based on how they drive. The more passes – the more points they get.

Share with social media

You and your drivers can join in the discussion on social media by tweeting and following us across our many networks.


From tips about the auto industry on Twitter (did you know it’s illegal to drive in a dirty car in Russia?) to discussions about the best 4x4s on Facebook, we want to find out more about what you like – and what you don’t. Arval’s social platforms, such as LinkedIn, connect you with likeminded people who care about the auto industry and its news. So no matter if you’re just tuning in to the YouTube channel to see industry experts discussing important issues such as the state of the market, or if you’re liking a photo of the latest Audi A4, we want to hear from you.

Service Level Agreement: our mission is your satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why we guarantee service tailored to your needs and do regular surveys, to make sure we keep our promise.

With our Service Level Agreement, we draw up guarantees and service standards with you beforehand.  Our clients are our best ambassadors and we will always go that extra mile to see that you are happy on a permanent basis.

We set clear processes and service standards so that you know what to expect
We make regular surveys, measure our performance and your level of satisfaction
Every expression of dissatisfaction is a complaint, regardless the cause
Our commitment means you get what you signed up for

Service Level Agreement - Happy diver
Complaints are an opportunity to improve

We consider every complaint from a client as a gift and an opportunity to improve what we do, and how we do things.

A complaint means that we have not met your expectations and tell us what we have to do better to earn the loyalty of our customers. This is why we keep an open dialogue with you and report complaints KPI to you.
If somebody using our service is dissatisfied, we register the complaint in our dedicated tool and make sure the complaint is acknowledged within 24 hours. Our objective is to solve the issue as immediately as possible, within 3-5 days depending on countries.
However, to us, it does not end here. We regularly consider trends to see where we can do better on all different levels. Your feedback is our most important input and we investigate and amend our process accordingly. Only when you are satisfied and our process ameliorated do we consider the issue resolved.