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Mid Term Rental


Sometimes it’s difficult to estimate how long you will need a car. With the ease of a full service leasing contract and the flexibility of a short term rental, Arval Mid-Term Rental offers the best of both worlds. Arval Mid-Term Rental is the flexible solution for your vehicle fleet over a period of 1 - 24 months. With high standard, popular vehicles at competitive pricing including all services, you are ensured of a good solution.


  • Simplicity

You select your preferred vehicle category (from small cars to SUV) and contract duration, we find you a suitable vehicle. All services and 3,000 kilometers per month are included and the vehicle will be delivered at your preferred location within 48 hours.

  • Flexibility

You can select any contract duration between 1 and 24 months.  No matter the duration, you will always be able to adapt your contract at any time.

  • Suitable for All Business Needs

Because of its simplicity and flexibility, Arval Mid-Term Rental is suitable in many situations. Whether you are working with temporary contracts, external consultants, have seasonal workers or expats, we deliver you the right vehicle with all the services you need.

  • Services

With a full service package you easily control your costs, while we take care of management of the vehicles. Regardless of the selected category, the following services are included:


QUICK DELIVERY                                                          CUSTOMER CARE
Your vehicle delivered within 24 hours.                    International support at all times,

                                                                                call centrum DRIVER DESK.


TIRES                                                                             PICK UP SERVIS*
Ensuring comprehensive tire replacement.              Handling and delivery of the vehicle

                                                                               according to your idea.
                                                                               *this service may be charged


ARVAL ASSISTANCE                                                     UNLIMITED USE
Service guarantees you a comprehensive service    The vehicle can be used with multiple

 assistance on the SR and abroad 24/7.                   drivers.


Your vehicle constantly in perfect condition.           Vehicle geolocation and driver behavior

                                                                               during use.

                                                                               *this service is charged


Please contact us at info@arval.sk or contact your Account Manager directly at +421 257 108 000.