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Arval Assistance

Arval Assistance

Non-stop assistance: +421 (0)2 57 108 080

The company Arval has unique assistance service for users of vehicles.

ARVAL ASSISTANCE provides assistance to all drivers of vehicles Arval in cases where the vehicle becomes unsafe to continue doing their path, because of mechanical failure of the vehicle, accident, theft or vandalism.
The service is available 24 hours a day and is available throughout the Slovak Republic and in Europe, from the first day of validity of the lease contract until its termination.


Content of services provided:

- Road Assistance - repair of the vehicle on the spot

- Towing and storage of vehicles

- Alternative car - rent a car free for 5 days, or 10 days

- Alternative accommodation

- Continuation of the journey - the train, airplane


- Availability - Slovak Republic and Europe

- Content services offered

- Ability to complete the journey

- Guarantee peace for your drivers on their daily journeys

Arval assistance