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Here's a simple overview of the services we offer to our clients

Vehicle financing

Plan your costs precisely by shifting risks to an external landlord.

Renting your vehicle allows you to have a fixed rent that you can see for the duration of your contract. By reassuring all of your ARVAL vehicles, you will pass all your financial risks like:
- the risks of mechanical failure,
- unexpected expenditure,
- the financial risk associated with the purchase and maintenance of vehicles
- the risk of resale.

Long-term rental allows you to constantly adapt your contract to the actual use of the vehicle. To do this, you can modify one or more parameters of your contract unlimited and without any costs: the duration of your contract and / or mileage.
Your car budget is always perfectly tailored to the actual use of your vehicle!

Reduce your taxes and car charges
ARVAL informs you and advises you on tax and vehicle charges and allows you to take advantage of the latest legal measures that have been introduced.

Reduce your VAT
In the case of long-term rental, VAT is not counted from the total vehicle price, but only from its actually used part, given by the difference between the initial purchase price and the expected value of the vehicle when it is resold at the end of the contract.
In addition, VAT is applied to monthly rents. It is therefore spread over the entire duration of the contract and includes all the services provided.


The objective of operating leases is to minimize fleet operations even in the area of insurance. ARVAL offers various types of insurance with different performance limits. We are ready to offer you insurance according to your needs:

- obligatory liability
- accident insurance
- Additional accident insurance
- legal expenses insurance

- You are influencing the level of your participation, choosing insurance or other insurance, legal protection.
- ARVAL will provide vehicle insurance.
- ARVAL will ensure the settlement of insurance events!
- Easy reporting of insurance events directly to ARVAL users.

Taxes and fees

The lease payment is a road tax and a highway stamp, the items that every accounting department must register, pay, track their payment dates, etc. Operational leasing also makes it easier for you to manage vehicles in areas such as tax administration, in particular road tax or tolls in the form of a highway. There is no concern for your payment or security on your side.

Service and maintenance

The basis is to complete regular inspections of the manufacturer and prevent damage to the vehicle by repairing faults or damage in time.

Maintenance services include:
- Any regular service required by the manufacturer and recommended by the manufacturer
- Vehicle repairs related to normal wear and tear
- Ensuring post-warranty repairs
- Access to all ARVAL authorized service partners

- Free delivery of the required performance on presentation of the ARVAL identification card
- Cost control through Service Authorization
- Vehicle tracking and cost-effectiveness
- Monitoring of MTR terms and emission measurement
- Checking the accuracy of billed service items and handling complaints is on the ARVAL side.


The full range of tire services can be used by ARVAL's contractual partners throughout the Slovak Republic.

Tire services include:
- Purchase of new tires
- Seasonal tire replacement
- Tire balancing
- Tire storage
- Organic disposal of used or damaged tires
- Repairs or replacements of damaged tires

- Free execution of required actions based on presentation of the ARVAL identification card
- Fast and complete service
- Securing the seasonal replacement of tires
- Cost control through Service Authorizations
- Vehicle tracking and cost-effectiveness
- Possibility to use tire services all over the Slovak Republic
- Tires in perfect condition and tailored to the season are a guarantee for the user


ARVAL offers its clients a unique assistance service for the vehicle user.

The ARVAL ASSISTANCE Assistance Service provides assistance to all ARVAL drivers in cases when their vehicle becomes unsuitable for further on-the-road travel due to mechanical failure, accident, theft or vandalism.

The service is available 24 hours a day and is available throughout the Slovak Republic and Europe from the first day of the leasing contract until the end of the leasing contract!

Content of provided services:
- Roadside assistance - vehicle repair on site
- Removing and storing the vehicle
- Spare vehicle - Rent a free vehicle for 5 days or 10 days
- Replacement accommodation
- Continuation - train, airplane

- Availability - Slovak Republic and Europe
- Speed ​​of assistance
- The content of the services offered
- The ability to finish the journey
- Guarantee of peace and tranquility for your drivers on their everyday journeys

Relief vehicle

ARVAL will give you full mobility ...

ARVAL offers you several variants of a service - relief vehicle. Depending on your internal needs and choices, choose the service and category of vehicle that suits you best.
The service is very variable. For each ARVAL rented vehicle you can choose another service - relief vehicle.
Drivers from ARVAL can use this service repeatedly if the vehicle is not connected!

- Full mobility and driver independence
- Speed and availability
- The service is fully tailored to your needs

Fuel cards

ARVAL offers you comprehensive services in the field of fuel dispensing cards (PHM). Each driver is equipped with a selected card for fueling the customer's choice of fuel. ARVAL will ensure it is issued, renewed, reissued, etc. A wide range of card providers and their conditions make it possible to address your requirements individually.

- Comprehensive management is on ARVAL's side
- No funds billed to the PHM card providers
- Flexible service setup that draws on the selected card
- Possibility of payment of tolls, tunnels, etc.
- Get an overview of individual fuel consumption

Key account management

ARVAL will combine the benefits of operating leases with you and propose the most appropriate solution for your activities and needs through fleet management services.

The purpose of the consultations and meetings with the customer is to get the maximum amount of information about the customer and to find a tailor made tailor-made solution together.

ARVAL looks for a suitable solution with regard to:
- Customer activities and needs
- Legislation and valid legislation
- Existing customer fleet
- Services offered on the market
- Make the fleet more efficient and reduce the fleet costs

ARVAL offers you flexibility in the offered services:
- We use market opportunities. We have a complete overview of vehicle manufacturers, brands and models, we can compare each vehicle objectively and offer you the best in the market.
- We offer exclusive advice when choosing the most suitable vehicles with regard to their use or taking into account the current state of the market.
- We have the options we offer and compare different vehicle models to choose a balanced option (price, usage, service).
- We offer the use of "action offerings provided by ARVAL by manufacturers.
- We inform you about legislative and tax adjustments related to car policy.
- ARVAL makes it easy for you to make decisions about changes in corporate vehicle management

Reporting and invoicing

ARVAL offers regular reporting.
ARVAL offers you reporting sent on a regular basis or customized reports based on your requirements.
Administrative minimization = minimum invoices, so ARVAL sends by default only monthly invoices for rent and fuel and direct invoicing for direct costs. Of course, sending an electronic version of invoices to your wishes.

- Easy to get a fleet report.
- Simplified tracking of vehicle cost.
- Minimum time requirements for invoice control.
- ARVAL offers its clients online access to the fleet.

Driver services

Vodiči vozidiel si nemusia byť pri prvom stretnutí s operatívnym leasingom istí, ako majú správne postupovať, aký servis môžu využiť, prípadne akú formou atd.
Vehicle drivers do not need to be sure, at first meeting with operating leases, how they can properly proceed, what service they can use, or what form,
ARVAL offers drivers a driver line - Driver Desk, where ARVAL trained staff provide them with the necessary information.

A few examples of driver questions:
"How many mileage do I need for further service checks? »
"I lost my papers, what do I have to do now? »
"Did I have an accident, how should I proceed? »
«I forgot the pin on the fuel card, where do i find it? »
"Am I entitled to another tire set? »

Simple and fast access to correct information.

Resell the vehicle to the driver

ARVAL offers the possibility to buy vehicles after the lease ends by the user himself or by the client's employees.
- vehicle sales: thanks to this service, the user has the option to buy the vehicle after termination.
- ARVAL will ensure everything: Just contact our Remarketing Department about four weeks before the contract expiration date.
- Quote: ARVAL will appreciate the vehicle and will offer the buyer a buy.

- The ability to buy vehicles to a customer's employee has a positive impact on its operating costs during the lease - lower fuel consumption, less insurance, and so on.
- The vehicle is bought with a known history - faults, accidents or minor damage are known to the user.
- The shop does not burden the customer - the user acts directly with ARVAL.